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If you got here, you must have come from RecentChanges. If not, go ta RecentChanges just once, sweet-hawt. When you keep hitting your browser's reload button in a vain attempt to find something new, that's when to worry. And when you are editing a wiki page in one window and refreshing the RecentChanges page in another, then you have to worry even more :-)

A RecentChangesJunkie also could be:



Are you one? I have become one in the course of doing ComponentDesignPatternsProject. Is there a twelve-step program for wiki addicts?

Maybe there is: We now have WikiholicsAnonymous to call upon. ;->

Don't you mean the TwelveStepProgram for WikiAddicts??

Psst! Hey you, RecentChangesJunkie! I've got something even more addictive. Here, have a free sample: (sorry, I can't help it) [surely QuickChangesJunkie? Ed.]

It's even organized in reverse-chronological order (most recent changes first), fixing the most common complaint about the original RecentChanges (see LazyRecentChangesJunkie).

On day one of the course I was like, wait, blogging for an english grade? Culture is dying and the world is coming to a crashing end and the prof. is encouraging it. Less than three weeks later I'm a Recent Changes Junkie. I heart the wiki!!!-AD

See also: NewRecentChanges

What you do is use that addictive force to do work. We all have our individuality. We all do our own thing. We all monitor the recently changed pages for the hobby we're interested in. And we try to get more people interested in our hobby so we make our opening wiki pages the kick-assest. WikiHobbies? What is a hobby but the cool thing we get to do in our spare time?

What if we could do work in our spare time. We wouldn't work, we would only do our hobby more. What if someone's hobby was agriculture and they grew all our food as a hobby? What if we sat around all day and learned shit when we felt like it WikiHobbiesDoctor?. What if so many of us had the time to study the things we find interesting WikiHobbiesScience?? And to always have a place we can ask questions and get answers?

If we can answer questions on this wiki thing why can't we do most of our education on this thing? Isn't that all that education is: asking questions and giving answers until the student learns to ask the questions himself.

Solve the world with wiki dude!

See also WikiReadingHabits.

Being a write-addict is worst than being a reader, because writing takes more time. The first step to a cure is to realise you don't have to comment on every page. -- DaveHarris

Even worse than being a write-addict is when you download the script and create your own wiki den. Then, you're all alone. And when you start commenting on your own pages, you get scared... -- PhilipEskelin

During the past four years of my thesis work, I've kept a running diary where I've recorded ideas, problem descriptions, algorithms, pieces of code, paper drafts etc. The entries are in chronological order (its a 150 page document by now ;) and they capture the progress of my work. Sometimes, when I browse the older entries, I feel that SomeOtherPersonMustHaveWrittenThis?. Now, that's eerie...

Otherwise, keeping a diary like this has helped my work. But it never occurred to me to make web pages - dang!

-- AnttiPekkaTuovinen

When you have to go to the toilet in the night, and you check RecentChanges on the way, that's a sign also. :-) -- FalkBruegmann

What about when you're editing a wiki page and you do a refresh on RecentChanges every minute or so to ensure that you can dynamically reflect other folks' comments to the same page you're editing, so as to not overwrite their work. Is that kindness, or just plain obsession? -- PhilipEskelin

How about when I refresh RecentChanges shortly after editing page X, I see that page X has changed, and joyfully click on the link to load it -- having completely forgotten that I was the one who just changed it? Is this pretty far gone? Should I seek help?

And what about the RecentChangesRace? Any veterans or addicts out there? -- PhilipEskelin

I now take regular hits from the RecentChanges page, and am seriously seeking ways to increase the speed of the hit by somehow highlighting the latest change to a page. I'm not a PerlHacker?, so I can't suggest any code to do it, but might it be possible to change the font, or the colour of the most recent text in a page? -- ChrisBooth

I'd like to see some kind of CVS integration, that does a diff between the LastVersion? and the CurrentVersion?, taking the output of that and tweaking it to show in a different color. -- MathewButler

I would love to have a link to the EditCopy-Page besides the normal link on RecentChanges. Now I type the copy= manually quite often. -- MarkoSchulz has a link to the QuickDiff next to the link to each page. Is that close enough to what you wanted? Some WikiEngines show the QuickDiff and the normal text all together on the same page. -- DavidCary

Is RecentChanges supposed to be purple? -- SunirShah

Is the WikiList supposed to be purple? -- CliffordAdams (not *quite* that far...yet)

I'd like to see a link at the bottom of every page that would take me to the oldest page, newer than the one I was just looking at. That way I could start several days ago and walk through all the changed pages one by one until I'd caught up.

I wouldn't be a RecentChangesJunkie then, would I? -- AndrewNicholson (Of course not. A real RCJ would never let several days of changes pile up.)

UseModWiki contains most of the features requested by RC-Junkies:

I am considering the "next/previously most recent" links--in my current design it doesn't work well with html caching. (It may be an option that CPU-starved sites can turn off, as each next/previous link requires a search for the appropriate page.)

Any other suggestions for UseModWiki from the junkies?--CliffordAdams

It's gotten worse. I've become a quickChanges junkie at --ChrisGarrod

Have you figured out how to use MicroSoft's PageHolder??

The what?

Moved from WikiStressIndicator

A measure of how stressful and busy your day was. Equals the number of hours in a day before you get to open the RecentChanges page for the first time.

Conversely, the number of times you refresh RecentChanges an hour is an indicator of how burnt out you are. MeatballWiki's RecentChanges is bookmarked on my cellphone.

I assert without proof that only the RecentChangesJunkies and the really serious volunteer housekeeper go around cleaning up the OffTopic pages, and further assert that this is because only the RCJs have the organisational resources necessary to do so effectively (namely the RecentChanges pages). I therefore deduce that WardCunningham is not a RecentChangesJunkie, given the statement on DeletionCandidate that he has never expressed an opinion on the on/off-topic matter.

<ahem> The statement (actually on CategoryOffTopic) about Ward not having expressed an opinion on the on/off topic matter is more of a question. I can't find anything that indicates Ward wants to place limits on the discourse of this Wiki. The pages he himself has generated should back me up on this, but the definitive answer awaits a revelation from The Man His Own Bad Sef.

I'm trying to coin a wiki word but nothing seems appropriate. RecentChangesPolice? (derogatory), ...

Some points that serve as wiki foci are,

and although these appear to be orthogonal flavours of ThingsOnWikisMind, the first acts at a point in time on (almost) all edits, the others have effect when averaged over time and then only on their domain.

-- been here less than a year, feeling thoughtful

Q: Why does the QuickChange? page so often show before and after text lines that look identical?

A: Maybe the change was whitespace only? There is a comment about the diff algorithm somewhere abouts

Q: Why do old pages recently edited show up with "(new)" after their names?


Would be nice if an html meta tag could be embedded in so it refreshes automatically every minute or so See AutoRecentChanges

RecentChangesJunkies, you are not alone! Unite with us, your RecentEditsJunkies brethren, and together we can overcome this affliction. (or we could revolt and claim all of WikiDom as our own).

Am I the only OrphanedPagesJunkie??

What I would really like is to be able to have a list of the pages I'm interested in, and see them listed in reverse order of last change (plus who they were changed by, if possible). The WikiWikiWeb is so large now that I can't remember which pages I've looked at and want to monitor. So much fascinating stuff! -- PaulMorrison

Done. Write your name, followed by a list of the pages you are interested in, at AutoPcn?.

JohnVlissides, RobertEikel, and ChanningWalton contributed some stuff that DavidCary summarized.

See also: RecentChangesIsNotTheWiki, GaveUpOnRecentChanges, AncientChanges (for the equivalent of methadone), KnowledgeBrowser, QuickChanges / QuickChangesJunkie


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