Quick Changes Junkie

QuickChanges is for the RecentChangesJunkie who needs a stronger "fix" ;->

You get double points if you don't have a blue link older than ten minutes.

Do we still get double points if we're in an odd timezone and are usually refreshing while everyone else is sleeping?

You can work on multiple computers, watch multiple screens, and still you might think "SomethingsMissingButWhat?"

Maybe Ward could change the CGI to output a page with HTTP refresh on it? I could put the page on my ActiveDesktop(tm) and the browser would refresh every five minutes. :-)

-- AlanFrancis

I just did this locally with 8 lines (8 tags) of HTML. And no, I won't tell how unless WardCunningham approves, since it'll drive up the load. -- JuergenHermann

FireFox can automatically refresh pages via a frame with an meta-refresh tag . . . but I leave it up to the interested to find it.

Note: The RTFM attitude expressed by the previous "explanation" is most unhelpful. -- WikiGnome

That's because I didn't want to tell people how to do it - to minimize the number of people auto-refreshing the QuickChanges page, but still showing the very interested the path there.

How about an RSS feed for WardsWiki? That would reduce the load if properly set up and still produce up to date results.

See WikiStyleRss and QuickChangesAsRss.


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