Lazy Recent Changes Junkie

Scrolling to the bottom to read is bad enough - but having to scroll to the bottom to edit?

No more Sir!

Honk if you think RecentChanges should be organized in reverse-chronological order! -- JohnVlissides

If thy master Ward, oh how gracefully we worship thou, would liketh, I can humbly donate some Perl code that would accomplish said holy task. Und, if zee vould like, I vould even write zee ein LazyChangesToday? und edit zee LazyChangesTodayJunkie? page mit mee prezence. -- PhilipEskelin

Why not use Too lame for the LazyRecentChangesJunkie?

To open the flood gates, See also... QuickChangesJunkie

RecentChanges is already in reverse order. See BrokenLink ;-> And, am I hearing volunteers to make contributions? I know that if I complain too much, I'm volunteering. -- JeffGrigg

Thank your lucky stars the supreme god of qwerty blessed us with an 'end' key. but cursed us with finite bandwidth. Come on, come on, load, damn you...

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