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To find a random page on WikiWiki using the MetaWikiSearchEngine, slam on the link above. To find a random page on any wiki, slam on the link below.


When I originally wrote RandomPages, I found it useful because it always had a page that illuminated the current discussion. I used to say, "RandomPages has good karma." Now I find too much noise on WikiWiki for RandomPages to be useful. In order to quickly find pages to delete, I decided to implement RandomPage. It's proving very useful for my task. Either one. -- SunirShah

P.S. I recognize I'm breaking my rule never to admit to have written RandomPages, but I realize that an admission of my guilt has been sitting on MeatballWiki all this time.

I've downloaded (and occasionally update) the list of all wiki pages, WikiList. Then I use the RandomPage link above to access pages and put the ones that are uninteresting (to me) in a file. I then have a process that emails me every time a page not in that list changes. Sometimes they get put into the reject pile as well.

The net result is high-quality reading with a minimum of effort. I also check QuickChanges and click on other stuff, but I've found that the above process has brought my otherwise rampant Wiki reading under control.

See WikiRandomTour

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