Edit Copy

When a backup copy is available, the EditText page will offer to EditCopy. This link goes to a special editor.

This is not one of them.

Now, if a backup copy is available, you can ... You may want to read MoreAboutBackupCopies first.

If you just want to see what the last person changed, click on the last changed date/time instead: It will give you a QuickDiff, showing colored differences.

This site is now keeping additional history beyond that offered by EditCopy. Volunteers who take care of the occasional lost page will find some old pages stored in plain text at http://c2.com/wiki/history. I intend to limit their retention to only a few days. -- WardCunningham

(Note that at present tabs in the original page become whitespace in the history version.)

Yikes. You're right, although this must happen at the browser. I was able to get a tabbed version by simply asking my browser to save the page to a file. -- WardCunningham


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