Wikiholics Anonymous (sorry, I can't help it)

Even more extreme: (2 hours)

Outrageous: (1 second)

"WA" -- the support group for RecentChangesJunkies

Hi, my name is John I can't stop reading wiki. I've come to wiki once from cetus-links and now I'm trapped. Many other tasks suffered from timeconsuming reading. I feel bad. But I can see the light...

Everyone: "Hi, John!"

Hi, my Name is Fred. I didn't want to. It started with a page. Just a little insight into XP I thought I would share. Now I can't stop. I get the shakes if I go too long without checking RecentChanges. I post constantly. Is there any way to stop this vicious circle?

Everyone: "Hi, Fred!"

Relax. Don't be afraid. Wiki is your friend. Make RecentChanges your browser home-page. It's so much easier that way.

It is so weird, when I read the above statement I think, wow, good idea. When I read below, I kinda take a pause. . .

I came here to get help and instead got the idea to make RecentChanges my homepage

But making RecentChanges your browsers home will help you. Oh no, wait a minute, I see the confusion. You didn't think we were going to help you stop, did you? Bwuh-hahahahahahahahah.

Now I get it, the self help group where everyone is an addict, a psychotherapist and a pusher at the same time ... that's the only kind there is...

Hello my name is L----

I first started reading Wiki for insight into a PatternLanguage, I thought I could control it, after all I didn't visit more than a few times a month. But late last year I was sick in bed with a laptop and net connection and found myself spending the better part of the day hitting recent changes, then I started to write...

I HaveThisPattern in spades, I feel so dirty!! [sobbing]

Hi my name is Simon.

Everyone: Hi Simon.

I can believe it, I'm starting to neglect my "Reload" duties on the SlashDot homepage. Somebody help!

Go to your happy place, Simon.  Find your power animal.  (obligatory FightClub reference)

I was a Wiki addict for six months when I first found it. Now I am reformed. I only check recent changes about once a week. You too can make it out of the trap.

But why should I want to? <-- an unashamed WikiAddict

Hi my name is ChuckSmith. I couldn't help myself and ended up starting the EsperantoLanguage WikiPedia and now have an active community of over 1,500 pages from people from 12 countries. I'm also now regularly checking the Recent Changes on the AndStuffWiki. How did I get here anyway? Why am I editing this page? It's all a blur... but it's ok, 'cause I've got Wiki.

''Yes, Wiki is good. Propagate wiki. You started your own wiki! You are a true WikiDisciple?. Rest, my son. More sleep, less wiki. We'll still be here when you wake up. Have a cookie."

Hi, my name begins with J. I should be learning an archaic tool I'd rather not have to deal with. I decided to hit recent changes, you know, just to brighten my day a bit before I got down to boring stuff. It's now four hours later.

Hi, I didn't really get into wikis much until I started contributing. Now I'm writing pages for the sake of it -- I'm not even that interested in CanineDentistry? or VacuumCleanerRepair?. I even had to buy a bigger dictionary to find words that no-one has used before. I'm dreading the day all of the good word combinations have gone.

I feel like I'm losing my religion, but that's because I only saw Synecdoche, because she was hot, and wiki is amorphous and androgynous. But wiki was really the one for me, the honored guest of my WikiPrayer; wiki, God, it's all the same thing. Just running a different simulation for ultimate concern.

12 Steps?

Hi, everybody, my name's Matt. I used to be a regular guy. Since I discovered Wikipedia I find myself getting into edit wars about Gamal Abdel Nasser's connections with the nazis. I curse the day somebody told me about something called internet.

Hello, I'm having the 90% syndrome. I've come back to WardsWiki several days ago hoping to clear my mind for the remaining 10%. But that was several days ago...Any advice?

See OffTopic, WikiPrayer

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