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The Url Name is for sale - site no longer maintained 4/21/2002

See "Knowledge Browser" from or (Sorry, their host addressing seems to be all messed up at this time -- 4/8/2000)

  Press Release:

When you revisit a web page, TeamWARE Knowledge Browser will highlight the information that has changed since the last time you accessed that page. This allows you to quickly note the new information, instead of having to read all the text and decide for yourself if there have been any changes. This will of course save time and will ensure that important new information is not missed. It replaces the need for the author to have highlighted the page as "updated" or "changed".

It's free for 30 days. It's pretty cool - it acts as a local proxy server and highlights in yellow changes since last time you visited, and seems to work fine on the WikiWeb. It also noticeably slows page loading, but you can't have everything.


"It will remember only the information that you have seen during the last 30 days. Information older than 30 days will be automatically discarded. To get full benefit from this software you should get a license for it."

Right. The language they use is ambiguous, but if you're someone who believes you should follow the licence agreements you agree to, you have only 30 days to evaluate it

"For more information see Knowledge Browser home page."

...plenty good enough for Wiki application.

I've been using it for a couple of days, and it's pretty good.

It somehow prevents some file downloads from completing - including some Java applets. This is pretty irritating. It's also crashed once or twice for me

But I still often use RecentDifferences ("...?copy=WikiPageName?") to see what changed. KB does not show deletions, and does not show changes to pages you haven't visited in the last 30 days (or at all). Worse, NT 4.0 Workstation keeps crashing when I use it. ( crashed while I was writing this post!) But it does a good job of keeping track of "all changes since I last read a page" instead of "changed made by the last user (/site)" -- helping cure me of being a RecentChangesJunkie. -- JeffGrigg

OK, I have looked thru that website and can't find this knowledge browser anywhere. I am hooked to the wiki and such a tool would help me a lot. If anyone can tell me where I could find it or be kind enough to email it to me, I'd appreciate it. thanks. ;) -- tav

I tried to contact them early-April 2000, but their web site is full of broken and misdirected links, and (at least some) email addresses given are invalid. If someone else can get a response from them, please let us know. -- JeffGrigg

Our InfoMinder product does something similar. There are a host of other products including TrackEngine?, ChangeDetect? etc. that provide these features too.

-- DoraiThodla

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