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I've found RecentChanges of little use in my two intense weeks of watching wiki. Instead, I have written a half dozen new tools and hacked wiki to support them. Most of these tools are way too expensive in system resources to make generally available. However, I will be constructing from them a fully automatic replacement for RecentChanges. Here is a preview.

The numbers shown for a page are the page length deltas running back a day or two. These might become icons (images) or something but for now I'm leaving them as numbers because I see NewRecentChangesPatterns in them. -- WardCunningham

Most of these numbers are links to HistDiff or QuickDiff for the page concerned. The RecentPosts function may show additional deltas.

See RecentChangesRss for an RSS feed of this information.

 http:RecentChanges?days=.00002 (1 sec) [truly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie]
 http:RecentChanges?days=.0105  (15 min)
 http:RecentChanges?days=.0417  (1 hr)
 http:RecentChanges?days=.25    (6 hrs)
 http:RecentChanges             (12 hrs)
 http:RecentChanges?days=1      (24 hrs)
 http:RecentChanges?days=3      (3 days) [the maximum currently processed]
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"del" option, shows "ALL" deleted pages. (includes those missing from normal view: i.e. DoubleDeleted)

 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00002 (1 sec)[truly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie]
 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00018 (15 sec)
 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00035 (30 sec)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0007 (1 min)[nearly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie] http:RecentChanges?del?days=.004 (5 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.007 (10 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0105 (15 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0209 (30 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0313 (45 min)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0417 (1 hr) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0625 (1.5 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.1 (2 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.125 (3 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.2 (4 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.25 (6 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.334 (8 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.375 (9 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del? (12 hrs)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=1 (1 day) http:RecentChanges?del?days=2 (2 days) http:RecentChanges?del?days=3 (3 days)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The "min" option specifies a minimum character change that should be present within the last day or two for a page to be shown.

You can also use the "page" option to specify a page name, but this won't force the details to be given if they wouldn't otherwise have appeared in the full listing.

Why all the fuss over this page? See http:posts?NewRecentChanges and http:RecentChanges?page=NewRecentChanges?days=3 to see all the latest ping-pong volley activity of IP addresses. You can see a full original copy of this page at BulldonTerrier (who was kind enough to keep a copy) or run it from our own computer by saving it on your PC and adding immediately after the </TITLE> tag, the <BASE> tag shown below.

 <BASE href="">
Now simply open your new page with your browser and run it all you wish. Hope that helps.

You may find it useful to bookmark your preferred usage of this function or use RecentChangesBookmarklet.

Restoring deleted pages:

See also NewRecentChangesDiscussion, WikiWikiSystemNotice.


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