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Frequent Visitors and Contributing Members often create for themselves a HomePage. It is the one page on wiki where the content and maintenance of the page is mainly the responsibility of its namesake. Most WikiZens respect it as a sort of PrivateProperty? where one is allowed to create a page which is about their interests, associations and work. It can also serve as a place where others can leave short communications for its owner, who when seeing it in RecentChanges will check to see what someone has left there.

If you are genuinely interested in PeopleProjectsAndPatterns, please feel free to create your own HomePage. To do so, simply add your name (in CamelCase) to an existing page like WikiWikiSandbox or RecentVisitors. When you have saved your edit to that page, view the page again and your name will have a linked "?" after it. Click on the question mark and you will be editing your new WikiHomePage.

To become familiar with this and other workings of this wiki, be sure to read NewUserPages.

10/2014 I suggested to complement this WikiConcept with another: TalkPage. --ManorainjanHolzapfel

See WikiHomePage for more details.

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