Mindlessly Browsing The Net At Work

...is probably what you're doing if you clicked through to this page.

Hahaha! You got me. -- WayneConrad

Didn't catch me. I'm home. :-) -- MattBehrens (p.s. the SpellingChecker took issue with "Hahaha"... that is priceless...)

I don't consider browsing Wiki while at work to be a bad thing at all. There is so much here about programming and related ideas that when I'm stuck in a rut and not being productive, I'll come to Wiki, scan the RecentChanges or type in some keywords, and see where I end up. Often by getting my mind off one problem and thinking about something else for a while, I find it helps me. And even with it doesn't, I usually learn something interesting or useful. -- JohnPassaniti

I'm also considering reading Wiki while the compiler crunches away as not such a bad thing. Keeps your mind fresh.... -- AndreSlabber

Not me, I got here from QuickChangesJunkie where the link makes sense in context. -Joshua

See also CaughtInTheNet [which seems to be what I am right now], WikiReadingHabits

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