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Meatball Wiki aspires to be a community of communities: an intercommunity or metacommunity. It deals with online culture, especially how people online come together naturally in groups. Along with that, some of us also like to talk about building our own communities.

Meatball is a loose grouping of people who are interested in online communities, culture and hypermedia. We talk mostly on MeatballWiki and sometimes on the MeatballMailingList. The original goal was to focus on CollaborativeHypermedia but topics have ranged from intellectual property to CyberPunk to the confusion of UniformResourceIdentifiers. Occasionally, some of us bother to stop blathering and do some real work. You'll find some project journals on MeatballWiki too.

Community discussions about how to run the community itself should be left here. Abstract discussions, or objective analyses of community are encouraged on MeatballWiki. -- SunirShah

It runs a hacked-up version of UseModWiki.

I am considering rebasing Since Meatball and c2 are inextricably bound, I ask for your opinions here. -- SunirShah

MeatballWiki is locked on account of spam problems since 2013. The homepage of the wiki does not give any explanation about that. -- ManorainjanHolzapfel

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