Quick Changes

Note! see also: NewRecentChanges (Use the power to fight spam; to keep up with who's who; and what's what!)

JohnBrewer showed me what Wiki looks like on a PalmPilot using a radio connection. It looked small, but useful, except for RecentChanges. The Palm figures that all the good stuff is at the top of a page and will even discard the tail if a page gets too long. Clearly he needed a substitute for RecentChanges.

 http:quickChanges?days=.00002 (1 sec) [truly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie]
 http:quickChanges?days=.0105  (15 min) 
 http:quickChanges?days=.0417  (1 hr) 
 http:quickChanges?days=.25    (6 hrs)
 http:quickChanges             (12 hrs)
 http:quickChanges?days=1      (1 day)
 http:quickChanges?days=2      (2 days)
 http:quickChanges?days=3      (3 days)
This script starts with RecentChanges so that it doesn't even look at pages that wouldn't be a likely candidate for inclusion. That makes it much faster than versions I've written in the past. It also means that you won't get any changes that aren't there to start with, and oddities there will make for oddities in this report too. -- WardCunningham

For discussion, see QuickChangesDiscussion.


A suggestion: can pages which have been DoubleDeleted remain listed on QuickChanges (with a "double-deleted" comment, much the same as the "deleted" comment for single-deleted pages)?


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