Recent Changes Race

When RecentChangesJunkies start purposefully making widespread updates to make it look like more than the XP project is going on in WikiWikiWeb ;-)

I've thought about that too. Is it simply RonJeffries rummaging through XP pages, defending XP in every way possible? ;-) Is it simply a stupid spelling error (I recently put 'cope' instead of 'scope' and it took someone else who didn't know JimCoplien to find it)? Did someone delete an entire page because it was shifted somewhere else? Or, did someone spend hours writing out a completely new page on something highly interesting? Those who are not RecentChangesJunkie types may not need to know... -- PhilipEskelin

Ouch. --the aforementioned RonJeffries

Sometimes it would be useful if RecentChanges indicated the size of each change. Sometimes I look at a page and can't see any difference at all. Maybe someone just corrected a spelling mistake or something. (I don't think the Wiki software allows you to save with identical text.) -- DaveHarris

See QuickDiff. (IE: Click on the "last edited date," at the bottom of the page.)

An occasionally followed practice is to put a short note at the top of the page stating that only spelling corrections were made. Of course, the next person to put in real changes should then delete that note. Ideally, a very short standardized phrase [like DeleteMe] would be used so that it would be instantly recognized, not read. Of course, it would be cool if Wiki annotated the RecentChanges entry in an appropriate fashion or even prevented non-essential changes from making the list. But is it worth it? --KielHodges [& JeffGrigg]

DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork - cool stuff rarely meets this goal.

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