Volunteer Housekeeper

These fine people help keep our pages spic & span. Want to help? First learn MoreAboutHousekeeping.

Also, read MoreAboutMechanics so you'll have a better idea what could go wrong. Then keep your eye out for TypicalLittleMesses, especially in RecentChanges, and clean them up the best you can. Finally, add your name to this list of distinguished volunteers.

Lots of nice refactorings in the last few weeks, folks. Keep up the good work. Special appreciations for the cleanup of WhyWikiWorksNot. Sorry if it seemed I lost my sense of perspective there. -- MichaelHill

Thank you for your engagement, today I terminate my part as refactorer, to concentrate myself on the DataMusicProject, which I feel, will be more useful to the Wiki community. -- FridemarPache

I just discovered http:longs.cgi and I'm trying to make the large pages I find there smaller. It's not too hard to find sections that are starting to drift towards a new topic, and then move those sections to a page that is dedicated to that topic. Most of these pages are in ThreadMode. I know it would be good to ConvertThreadModeToDocumentMode but I still find that difficult. I feel I have accomplished something useful when I pull text on some topic that was scattered over several pages and move it all together on one page (OnceAndOnlyOnce). -- DavidCary

I did start with cutting down my own prior contribution to only one single page. But I have to say that the Wiki environment engages to develop ideas. So I'm afraid that I'll have to restart with cutting back my own contributions at least one more time. -- PieterJansegers

See WikiSpringCleaning, WikiGnome, RefactoringWikiPages


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