Personal Wiki

What is a PersonalWiki? It's like WardsWiki, but it's yours. It can be:

Internet wikis that need a server, but can be run locally

The degree of difficulty for installation varies -- most PHP installations require an Apache Web server, and some may require mySQL as well. Windows users check out XAMPP for an easy-to-use Apache/PHP/MySQL platform.

Personal wikis that come with a server (and need a browser)

Personal Wikis that don't need a server but require a browser

Stand-alone personal wikis that don't require a server or a browser

See also DesktopWiki

Web-based Personal Wikis

PersonalWiki for Editors/IDEs

PersonalWiki for HandHeld

Or you could carry around your WikiOnPortableStorage media.

See WikiNerveCenter, WikiStyleSheet, GraphWiki, IdealPersonalWiki, PersonalWikiTestimonials, EncryptingPersonalWiki

Compare/contrast ProjectWiki, TeamWiki.

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