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This is a list of all the changes made to my version of EddiesWiki. The code is based on the wikibeta110_2.zip file available on http://www.tinyted.net/eddie/wiki/. Note that my versions are numbered 1.1.m<number>, where <number> will increase each time I distribute my version to someone. If you are interested in the sourcecode and/or executable for all this, contact me at wikiserver@xs4all.nl or download it from http://wikiserver.michelvandewetering.nl.

For discussion, leave your comments below the changelist.

-- Michel van de Wetering

Changes for 1.1.m2 (Andrei Dragomir's patches)

Changes for 1.1.m1

Stuff done in older versions and present in the new version (these are features that were in a version that had no version numbering; presumably EW 1.1 M0).


EddiesWiki V1.1 is indeed easy to install and run, but the creator isn't all that keen on responding to mails with suggestions, requests, bugreports and general comments of his wikiserver. It's doesn't seem to be worked on very much, so I'm left wondering when (if ever) a new non-beta version will arrive.

It seems that it's not being developed any more. -- MvdW

It can be annoying sometimes, when having a large page, to have to scroll down always before re-editing it.

You can change the pagetemplate, so it has an editlink at the top of the page. I have it in my default template. If you are interested, send me a mail and I'll send you my version of the WikiServer. -- MvdW

There were some bug-reports too, but I'm afraid I don't remember them.

This wikiserver could also be a good basis to hack it into something that is wanted on http://www.freesofty.org (paid jobs, votewiki).

Note that I am quite happy with my current modifications. Also I don't have an infinite amount of time in a day, so suggestions are appreciated, but don't count on them to be implemented soon. -- MvdW

The WYSIWYG return is confusing and violates OnceAndOnlyOnce. There's already <space>-<space> syntax for a line break.

One can't easily see in the editing box where the returns are.

In my opinion, it is not confusing, so it stays. -- MvdW

Code Areas

Are there any recent mods to this version of EddiesWiki? -- DonaldNoyes.201103111


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