Wx Wiki Server

WxWikiServer is a WikiServer based on EddiesWiki 1.0, with the features from 1.1 beta and Micheal's mods thrown in afterwards, and adds a mountain of features and bugfixes that add compatability with usemod. It supports all wiki syntax usemod does.

Get the latest version (1.5.11) at ...

... Or, as usual (with a bit of delay) on http://www.wikiserver.org. Also, as of 1.5.8, is available for osx and mandrake linux 10.1.

Even though wxWikiServer is technically a PersonalWiki, it has been used at wikiserver.org for a while now and versions 1.5.1 and on are very stable, so they can used for an internet wiki just as well.

In fact, you can see a demonstration of it as an internet wiki here -


or here -


(the second is currently defunct).


Special capabilities ...

-- HansWobbe



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