Connected Text

ConnectedText is a personal Wiki system with unique capabilities.

It stores all your notes and their revisions in a SQL database. It also includes an editor with drag and drop, full-text search, a graph navigator which shows topic relationships. Text presentation can be customized with CSS style sheets. Images can be embedded in the text. It is possible to open (and search) several workspaces at the same time.

The graph navigator allows you to see relationships between your pages that you would otherwise miss.

Semantic attributes and properties (like in MediaWiki and SemanticMediaWiki).

The developers are unusually responsive to suggestions for changes and further development.

When it was at version 4.04 it had categories, dated topics, ole automation, outliner, semantic extensions, unicode and visual graphs within topics implemented; there are plugins for Python scripts (see PythonPhilosophy), MimeTex, GraphViz and PlotiCus (allowing sophisticated diagrams, plots, time lines, etc.). The graph navigator has been improved significantly. There is an USB version that enables the use of ConnectedText in any Windows based computer without installation. This costs extra.

Note: 20141013 There is currently no price for the USB version, so it may have been discontinued for new purchases.


I rediscovered this, having tried it out briefly about 2 years before. I found the semantic extensions interesting. When I put items into a category it indexes the category for me in the same way as SemanticMediaWiki. I like it enough to have taken out a licence for a single user version and also a version which goes on a USB stick and can be used on a windows computer without installation on it. I will report back on how I get on, in comparison to TiddlyWiki which I have been using for more than 12 months. (This was written some years ago.)

I have now been using this for more than a year and I no longer use TiddlyWiki at all. I have now found that as well as categories there are also properties and attributes which are also similar to functionality in SemanticMediaWiki. They do not go as far as that, to allow relationships to be defined among properties. -- JohnFletcher

See also ReflectionToolForEngineers.

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