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A RubyLanguage WikiEngine.

Instiki is a wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you'll wonder if it's really a wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability. Supports file uploads, PDF export, RSS, multiple users and password protection. Some use Instiki as a CMS (Content Management System) because of its ability to export static pages.

Instiki lowers the barriers of interest for when you might consider using a wiki. It's so simple to get running that you'll find yourself using it for anything - taking notes, brainstorming, organizing a gathering.

Supported Platforms

Instiki only relies on Ruby - the sole external dependency (it includes all other dependencies). Any OS that can run Ruby can run Instiki - that includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and most known Unix flavors.

Instiki on BeOS, Amiga OS, OS2, Zeta OS and support for various exotic Platforms is planned. Mostly it already works, if Ruby runs there (download the linux version in this case). Please contact parasew if you want to help out for your OS that is not listed. Please also get in touch if you are able to create an instiki package for your favorite unix or linux distribution.



Is there a version of instiki that runs on Windows without ruby installed?

No, sorry. Simple instructions are possible, though:

  1. Download the One Click Ruby Installer (;
  2. Install it (in one click, as the name implies);
  3. install Instiki.
-- AlexeyVerkhovsky

Note that there is, however, an OS X version that runs without any extra installation, since Ruby comes bundled with the OS.

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