Elreys Wiki Server

Elrey's Wikiserver is based on 1.0 EW. Written in C++ and works on Windows OS. This program is essentially the 1.0 engine. This means it has the same built-in web server but now with enhanced wiki editing features. This version now follows a slightly different set of formatting commands, hence formatted wiki pages may not be compatible with other Wikiserver derivatives.

Elrey R. V. has added these new features:

DOWNLOAD LOCATION: http://lambda.vze.com (just serach for WikiServer on that site).

Possible future mods:

Elrey Ronald. V. writes mods only during his spare time and sometimes depending on what feature is needed for his personal work. In the mean time he hopes that others may also try his current mods.

Contact E-mail:lambda326[at]hotmail.com

Also try WikiAsp

P.S. Special thanks and mention is given to EddieEdwards who started it all through his great program WikiServer (EddiesWiki).

I've just installed this, and it seems amazingly cool. I intend to use it to replace my sprawling collection of plaintext files containing various notes and stuff. Who else is using it?

Update: This is working out even better than I'd hoped. I've been listening to a lot of 'self-help' audiobooks recently, and just listening while making notes on the wiki is far, far more effective than my haphazard noting process before.

I use it in my computer and also in our group's local intranet setup. Some people may be using it on Internet just like EW version. The power to be able to publish and subscribe to each other's wiki RSS in our group is an interesting setup! ~ ElreyRonald

I use it for school to communicate with other students (solve problems in programming) and to make a good bundle of the theory. But I have a problem, I would like to change some things on it, but elreys isn't answering on my mail. Is there anybody having the source code? or where can I find it?


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