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Over on OoEnvironmentForPalm, DavidMcNicol talked about his WikiClone for the PalmPilot:

I've developed a simple version of Wiki for the Palm, and I plan to add support for annotated diagrams, outline lists, OMT diagrams. Actually, the plan is to have a simple API to allow anybody to add new functionality. I see no reason why a system like this could not be hooked into the OO environment. Ward's HyperPerl springs to mind, though I am perhaps becoming a tad too adventurous.

HyperNote is very Wiki-like, but it unfortunately suffers from one serious fault - your text can't take up more than one page. There are also reports of crashes (BlakeWinton reports that it crashed his Palm V with an "Object not in form" error). However, it could very easily be picked up by interested parties, given that it is licensed under the GnuGeneralPublicLicense.

I picked up HyperNote and make it work on PalmOS 5 devices - Gaku (07/12/2003)

http://www.gaku.net/ukkie/HyperNote.html (BrokenLink 2003/11/07; see http://web.archive.org/web/20031003233342/http://www.gaku.net/ukkie/HyperNote.html) or http://tertius.org/software/hypernote/ (BrokenLink 2006/04/25; see http://web.archive.org/web/20050317050926/http://tertius.org/software/hypernote/)

Try http://www.gaku.net/ukki/HyperNote.html for a non-english (Japanese?) page. (2004/02/19)

Defects On the Palm Zire 71 (Palm OS 5), when I try to use "Preferences" or "About," I get the following error: Emul68kCommon.c Line: 1594, Index out of range. This causes my handheld to soft reboot, so it is only nuisance. -- BenWilson (2004-07-18)

One of the PalmOsWikis.

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