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PalmWiki by Toshiyuki Masui is a PalmOs hack that allows you to use the memo database as hypertext data. It allows you to do Wiki-like navigation inside any text field; you can use WikiCase, enclose the link text in square brackets, or any other delimiters that you choose; you can then tap your link and will be transported to the memo of that name, or a new blank memo if it doesn't exist. You can also configure it to double tap to activate the link.

It's active on text anywhere, so WikiCase words in the Address Book, 3rd party programs, or anywhere will work if tapped (or double-tapped). PalmWiki also transports you to a particular date in your Date Book when you tap on an appropriately-formatted date in a text field.

This is simply one of the most useful things I have ever used.

DanLyke? has written a PerlLanguage script to pull PalmWiki wiki pages out of the MemoDB.pdb file into HTML:

Uncompressing PalmWiki:

In the download page it links to this file: binary (PRC) (palmwiki.lzh) How can I convert them in .PRC to install in my palm? -- AlexandreVandeSande

.lzh is an old, but still currently popular Japanese compression format, from the time when dos-based Zip and arj were popular. Google for LHA.EXE (freeware) to decompress, or use WinRar instead.

Installing PalmWiki:

For OS4 and below ("Hack"-able)

For OS5

Has anyone successfully used PalmWiki on a Tungsten E or other OS 5.2 Palm device? The software appears to work well except within the Memos application! There, clicks and double clicks go unacknowledged (i.e., nothing happens). Any ideas? --ToddFoster?

I'm also getting the same problem on a Tungsten T3. --DanBoschi?

As far as I understand, because PalmWiki is a HackMaster hack, you can't use it on PalmOs >= 5.

You don't understand far enough. :) PalmWiki works fine on PalmOS 5 devices as well, just not as a hack. I've resolved the problems with PalmWiki on the Tungsten E by modifying the source code to use a different creator ID for the Memos database (this has changed on the Tungsten) and recompiling. This now works fine on my Tungsten E. I've left some messages about this on the PalmWiki BBS, and I've made available binaries with the modified creatorID here: -- CharlBotha

Thanks CharlBotha, confirmed your prc also works on the Zire 31

PalmWiki as released in 2004/02 supports PalmOS 5 devices and includes a way to set the editor to any application. -- CliffordCaoile 2004/09/05

For more PalmOs WikiWikiClones, see PalmOsWikis.

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