Moin Moin

A PythonLanguage WikiEngine.

The MoinMoin Wiki is at (this is the main source of MoinMoin information).

Contact the team if you want to contribute to the project.

It supports CGI, WSGI, fastcgi and a standalone server now - plus pre-compiled pages. If you use anything except CGI, it is up to 20x faster (compared to moin with CGI).

MoinMoin is used for the PythonLanguage community wiki: and for many others. Seems to be a favourite of archgeeks for its flexibility and good modular design (the MoinMoin parser, for instance, is a separate module and can be used to support WikiCreole (included in moin 1.6.0) or a WikitextStandard? or the formats of other programs like MediaWiki in which there is substantial content). Supports InterWiki, SubPages, FreeLinking, VersionControlAppliedToWiki, and a QuickDiff that picks out individual character differences.


What users say about MoinMoin:

I don't know when that comment dates from but I used it for MazeWiki and it was pretty straight-forward. -- AndrewCates

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