Voodoo Pad

A GraphicalUserInterface wiki for MacOsx. WikiWords become links as soon as they're typed, and clicking on one opens that page in a new window. It can also act as a front-end for wikis which support their vpwikispec (such as vpwiki), and can export to HTML and other formats.

From the VoodooPad website:

"VoodooPad is a new kind of notepad. It's like having your own personal hypertext library, where you can jot down notes, web addresses, to-do lists... Anything on your mind. VoodooPad automatically links each page together, to form a miniature world wide web, on your desktop! Anybody familiar with the WikiWikiWeb will feel right at home with VoodooPad."


Its object specification is available at http://www.flyingmeat.com/vpwiki_api.html

SdiDesk is a similar tool for Windows; EmacsWikiMode is similar for Unix, and WikidPad is a similar tool that runs on Windows, Linux, and OS/X.


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