Personal Information Manager

A tool for collecting and organizing personal information. So it provides fast and organized information access on personal information.

One day I was visiting Ward and looked over his shoulder as he was working in his PersonalWiki, and saw how he uses his WikiAsPim. I was sold, and and now PIM is a large part of what's on my PersonalWiki.

Wiki techniques can prove to be beneficial in the development of a hyperlinked PersonalInformationManager.

Some efforts in this direction from several sources:

Ed Taekema


I used to love Lotus Agenda (yeah, way back in the days of DOS), but naturally as with all of Lotus products they are now defunct.

A few years ago I wrote a simplified Windows .Net replacement version, available as shareware here:

Thanks for sharing this with us. It looks like you did this in 2006 or so, have you or do you intend to do more with this?

See: NysLte:


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