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PhpWiki [] is a wiki originally developed by SteveWainstead in the PhpLanguage. There are now several active developers on the project.

It is licensed under the GnuGeneralPublicLicense, and free to download. The SourceForge homepage features the latest downloads and links to PhpWikis.

PhpWiki can run on relational databases (MySql, PostgreSQL, etc), DBM files, or flat files. Features include a plugin architecture so you can add all kinds of functionality, full version history, a large set of default pages (which document PhpWiki), InterWiki support, support for several languages, themes, RSS, many administrative functions (dump all pages as HTML, as a zip file, with metadata in mail-compliant headers, page locking, page deletion, and many more).

Has someone experience with this? The wiki on the PhpWiki homepage is down often or gives error messages for every step you do. I also don't like that it lacks so many features - don't even seem to have many backup options. I was kind of surprised, since I thought this would be a widely used WikiServer...

File Storage

Which is more efficient, storing Wiki pages in a flat file, like JSPWiki does? Or in a MySQL table, like PhpWiki or XWiki do? I am concerned about the efficiency of handling big number of pages and attachments as well. Is a MySQL table good enough to keep up with the growth of a Wiki? What do people think of that? -- Marion Hanz

Answer: Storing Wiki pages in a MySQL table is going to be a lot more efficient than in a flat file. In addition to that, PhpWiki offers certain speed advantages with optimizers that run alongside such as Zend. I know of a wiki host that has a very efficient implementation with MySQL and PHP optimizers, Centada (

How does it perform under Apache? -- LI Answer: Oh, nicely. -- Cie

Where should i find the WISIWIG patch? -- mmbyelaine

Google has to be your friend here.

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