Flex Wiki

FlexWiki is a wiki implementation which uses Microsoft's DotNet technology (C# and ASP.NET). Relies only on the file system for storage; no database required. Nice support for Wiki namespaces.

Flexwiki in the news: Third OpenSource project by Microsoft http://www.newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?story_id=03200000IO8W

Software and discussion available at http://www.flexwiki.com/

The software is free. The source code is available and is being worked on as a shared-source community project on SourceForge.

Much of the original implementation by DavidOrnstein.

Hey Ward! Do you have some part in this project? They asked for your help? Can you talk about your work for Microsoft?

I use it and like it. Its advanced features are helpful in the work I do. I particularly like its extension language, WikiTalk, which works well with properties. -- WardCunningham

FlexWikiPad is a DesktopWiki tool that is compatible with FlexWiki.

FwSync is a synchronization tool that allows you to download the contents of a FlexWiki instance to your hard drive, make changes, and then upload the changed files.


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