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This page is intended to sort wikis by features rather than software engines. If you really need database support, or sophisticated user permissions, there is no need to look at many wiki clones that don't have these key features.

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Also see ChoosingaWiki, WikiChoosingStories, StartingaWiki, WikiEngineReview, WikiEngines, TopTenWikiEngines, and the WikiFeaturesWiki.

There is an interactive WikiChoiceWizard to narrow down the choice of Wikis available at - it asks you a few questions about your needs, then will present you with a list of matching Wikis which can then be compared in a side-by-side table.

WikiEnginesComparingWikis compares several popular WikiEngines in a feature table format. Also is an attempt to build a larger feature comparison table - didn't really take off until yet and is still too big (you must reduce font size first to read it). Find also a comparison table with several WikiEngines at location:

Feature list

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