Zope Application Server

Zope is an OpenSource web ApplicationServer that is a little bit like Domino. It is written in PythonLanguage, with performance-critical parts in CeeLanguage.

As of 2014 there has been no release in 4 years, and the web site says: http://zope2.zope.org/

Zope is a legacy framework, which is kept alive to support existing applications built on top of it. It is no longer recommended to start new projects based on it, unless you are intimately familiar with the technology stack.

The "Six reasons for using Zope" page actually recommends against using it.


Find Zope at http://www.zope.org/ and the old version at http://old.zope.org/

Most of the references below altered to old.zope.

From LearningPython, p. 314:

Zope: A framework for publishing Python object hierarchies on the Web. With Zope, it's easy to set up a powerful interface to a database of web-based applications, by providing support for templates, interfaces to database engines, etc. If you're thinking about developing sophisticated web applications (as opposed to simple forms processing [...]), you should seriously investigate these tools.

See http://old.zope.org/Members/klm/GettingStarted


"The Zope Book"'' can be found on-line at

Zope and Wiki form a perfect couple! Scope / area of application: Performance / Scalability: Ease of learning: Comparison to competitors (e.g. WebObjects, AllaireColdFusion, ActiveServerPages, PHP) XP UnitTesting:

I'm curious if anyone who uses Zope also uses UserLand's Frontier, and would be interested in commenting on how well they compare. Obviously if you're a Python fan (I am), you might lean towards Zope. I'm less interested obvious differences like that and want more end-user experiences with both. -- JohnPassaniti

Yes, at least one person uses both: the author of ZopeFish? <http://zopefish.weblogs.com/>.

From what I read about it, in addition to inheritance, Zope provides an inheritance-like abstraction mechanism called AcquisitionInheritance.

That's correct. Simply put - an object (eg a web page) in a folder has access to all the objects in that folder plus those in the folders above it (subject to security restrictions). Typically web pages in zope will use this to pull in standard headers and footers, logos or database access methods. You can also access the attributes of other objects and apply logic depending on the result. -- RichardMoon

For the all-new Zope 3, implicit acquisition is pretty much going away in favour of explicit, largely because of the difficult-to-manage complexity that arises from ubiquitous acquisition. See http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ComponentArchitecture/FAQ for the high-level view.

After a while, I started to get some clarity about acquisition: http://udell.roninhouse.com/bytecols/2001-06-13.html -- JonUdell

Zope has won JoltProductivityAward in the Language and Development Environments field on April 11, 2001.

I am confused. Do we need Zope if we have PythonLanguage based MoinMoin? Or is Zope used for tasks unsuited for a WikiServer (such as ....) ?

Saw a nice demonstration of Zope (at the Saint Louis Unix User's Group). Strikes me as "an industrial strength wiki." Its operation is remarkably wiki-like, in that you can browse/add/change/delete content through the browser interface, and that your tools to build the Web site are simple (like a wiki) but robust.

You can build very nice (and very real) professional Web sites with it. -- JeffGrigg

WhatHappened to ZopeApplicationServer? Is it being updated in sync with PythonLanguage changes?

Sure, though Zope tends to use slighly older Python versions due to the need for security audits. As of 2007: both Zope 2 and Zope 3 are actively developed, with Zope 3 gradually becoming "the zope libraries" and Zope 2 becoming "the Zope application server, based on the zope libraries". See also PloNe.

At http://parlevink.cs.utwente.nl/ecom/02/proceedings/ecom02_07.pdf, ( BrokenLink 20070511 ) it was said Zope can be used as a server to implement RestArchitecturalStyle WebServices. Any recent (mid 2003+) references to this alternative? -- dl

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