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The post-it note of the web

ASP based on UseModWiki and MoinMoin, has a unique difference engine. It is also XML based. Released under a BSD license, developed by Laurens Pitt.

On trying an edit, got "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'

The conflict occurred in database 'OpenWiki', table 'openwiki_attachments'.

 /ow/owdb.asp, line 391".

The implementation of OpenWiki is pretty interesting. Heavy use of XSL and CSS.

I really like the formatting rules for OpenWiki. It seems extremely slow, though. Does anyone know any tips for speeding it up? Every page load seems to take several seconds, even with no load on the servers.

I've experienced the same problem with OpenWiki's performance. We have 288 pages and 1713 revisions. I'm going to explore the indices with SQL Server's performance tool. -- Daniel Tremblay

Very easy to install and get running. -- Nick

what should we do to guard against people's inappropriate use of wiki?

Easy to install and get running. Runs well, no performance problem -- Stefan, 2 May 2004

The community has pretty much disappeared over the past six months. Additionally, there's been a discovery of a major problem with the original code base which means the entire application needs reworked. Not sure anyone is going to take up the project though - head over there and do it if you're interested!

Care to elaborate on (or provide link to additional resource regarding) this "major problem" you mention?


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