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Zwiki is a GPL'd WikiWikiClone based on the powerful ZopeApplicationServer (Zope), from which it gains a great deal of leverage. Zwiki is flexible and has some unique capabilities, combined into a reasonably intuitive whole. It combines well with other Zope add-ons such as PloNe. The polish and documentation is improving. We'd welcome your help.

Zope is cross platform and easy to install or find free hosting for; if you can get over the Zope requirement, in my biased opinion you should take a close look at Zwiki. (And if it's not right for you, I'd love to hear why - thanks!)

-- SimonMichael

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Optional page hierarchy: organize pages as an outline Wiki can act as a mail list, or integrate with a real one Optional dynamic pages (sandboxed server-side code) Simple issue tracking Latex support

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See also MojoMojo and a link to a comparison using the WikiMatrix:

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