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This site keeps track of page names on a few other related wiki sites. Look for icons at the very bottom of pages here. These once led to similar pages on one or more of the following sister sites. Unfortunately most of them have, one way or another, shuffled off this mortal coil.

Which calls the whole concept into doubt. And makes us worry about what would happen if, one day, for one reason or another, someone pulled the plug on Some of these sites (ie. GreenCheese and ReformSociety) had their robots.txt set up to prevent spidering, so pages that went there are now genuinely lost to us. Or they're malingering in some arcane ancient zope.db file that I (Pete) don't have time to muck out at this point. Looks like it's time to find a way to refactor everything we can scrounge out of the bit-bucket onto a github/jekyll site ...

See AboutSisterSites, PublicWikiForums.

WikiBase was the second ever wiki after this one. It was an unusual effort to make wiki open source by turning the wiki source into a wiki itself. A number of well-known implementations started with this codebase, but rarely returned even so much as a code fix. It remains for historical reasons only. The fourth generation of the original wiki code is distributed with BoLeuf and WardCunningham's book, TheWikiWay. There are also now many other available implementations of WikiEngines. (BrokenLink 4-5 Jun 2009)( working again 26 Aug 2010)

SunirShah founded MeatballWiki to absorb and enlarge the discussion of what wiki and wiki like sites might be. That discussion still simmers here. But here it can take on a negative tone sounding more like complaining. On meatball, under Sunir's careful leadership, the ideas, wild or not, stay amazingly upbeat.

RichardDrake and a few others founded WhyClublet to continue a conversation started here on Christian ethics that I thought to be a lightning rod for flames of all sorts. Richard agreed to host Why and I agreed to a coordinated transfer of several dozen pages. Richard chose slightly different rules of participation and this, it seems, has drawn the majority of the lightning.

WhyIsNowClosed (BrokenLink)

The current location of GreenCheese is now (BrokenLink) and old links fail.

PeterMerel founded GreenCheese as a site devoted to novelty, whimsy and experiment in ideas and writing. It has also become a home to a great series of cartoons and assorted images.

GreenCheese could use a lot of housecleaning. At some point it reverted from HtmlFormatting? to WikiFormatting only, leaving lots of pages (such as PhlIp's RatAndTuyen) stranded.

In September 2002, WardCunningham founded the FitWiki as a distribution site for his open source testing framework, the FrameworkForIntegratedTest. The site is read-only except to project contributors, which makes it not really a wiki in the usual sense. The thought was that discussion of Fit-related topics would flourish here and could be implicitly cited on the Fit site. If this has happened, it has been lost amid the volume of other conversation. The site itself has spawned sisters that are read-write, which seems to be the only natural state for a wiki. (at for now) (BrokenLink s)

In March 2003, PeterMerel founded TheReformSociety as a site devoted to structured discussion of political change. He has, with my permission, migrated a small number of pages from here that had been identified as needing a better home. The structure comes from his determined use of a particular style of rhetoric in order that MoreLightThanHeat radiate from his site.

TheAdjunct is a general-purpose wiki that welcomes material deemed too OffTopic for this site. It was started by EarleMartin in August 2005. See MovingPagesToTheAdjunct.

This site publishes the names in its own namespace so that other sites can easily import these.


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