The Wiki Way

BoLeuf, WardCunningham, The Wiki Way: Collaboration and Sharing on the Internet. AddisonWesley. (2001) ISBN 020171499X

A book about wiki technology, providing both a hands-on discussion on running and using wikis and well-founded discussions of the basics of wiki design (such as how much formatting to allow, and how much security to provide). It also includes an analysis of the source code of QuickiWiki, which is included with the book.

Chapter 4, "Using Wiki", is available in PDF format at

The site which supports the open source distribution of wiki and discussion related to the book is at

TheWikiWay is available in Japanese translation. ISBN 4-7973-1832-5 (

Beautiful Covers!

See WhatsaWiki, QuickiWiki, ClusterWiki, BooksAboutWiki


Today, 2011 June 24th, via Googling, there are no sites online that hold the software, and Mr Leuf's site is dead, missing, or sans software. Can Someone post the software, either here or some non-password, non-register-required site for us to download? tyvm. -- AnonymousCoward

07/01/2012 Bo Leuf died in 2009. They "Way Back Machine" produces this url at which the source code can be found (Long Live the Way Back): AnonymousFriend?


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