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Sad News: Bo Leuf died on 2009-04-24. He will long be remembered.

You can contact Bo Leuf as bo # -- please put something meaningful in the subject line.

I most often wear the hat of technical facilitator and do general consultancy work related to IT documentation, translation and training issues. For some years, this was mainly for Telia Prosoft -- the Swedish telecom group (Telia -- research and development company), which I got into during an 8-year sojourn in Malmö, Sweden. I was also involved in a number of teaching/training issues for professionals and companies in the CS and IT field (

Then I got into writing computer books.... ( )

My first was the co-authored Outlook 2000 in a Nutshell for O'Reilly, published in May 2000, ISBN 1-56592-704-4 . (We write these things so you don't have to.) As the standard reference for e-mail power users of the MS persuasion, it survived the slump of 2001 and is again selling well. Maybe not that many users who upgrade to Outlook 2002?

For a comprehensive look at WikiWiki, my next book was TheWikiWay, introducing WardCunningham's standalone QuickiWiki, with AddisonWesley, was published in March 2001, ISBN 0-201-71499-X . A lot has happened in WikiSpace since then, but the core is still sound and provides the basis for understanding Wiki, Wiki functionality and WikiCommunity.

The next book out, PeerToPeer, AddisonWesley, published June 2002, ISBN 0-201-76732-5 , was sort of a thematic cousin to TheWikiWay, I here explored the p2p universe in an engaging way that got some rave reviews. Like the previous book, a sound concept and analysis core, along with legal and community discussions, should keep the book interesting even when the technology aspects have become dated. Since it came out, however, the whole topic of p2p has become contentious and politically incorrect due to the *AA war on file sharing.

In 2005 came The Sematic Web: Crafting Infrastructure for Agency ISBN 0-470-01522-5 (Wiley, UK), a reference overview of "Web 3.0" technology.

See LeufNetWiki for links into various WikiWikiClone projects. You might care to browse the journaling sites listed at, or start with my own daynote journal at - The DaynoteGang comprises linked website journals that include a number of well-known SF and computer authors, such as JerryPournelle and BobThompson.

One of many other interests is a long-time appreciation of ScienceFiction. There is an open ScienceFictionWikiForum at, loosely linked to an author and title database (comment-only) wiki.

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