Earle Martin

This is a legacy page. What you see below represents an earlier phase of my life, as indeed do all my contributions to the WikiWikiWeb. I would like to extend my thanks and fond wishes to everyone on this site whom I had beneficial interactions with over the last decade. It was an invaluable experience and an education that money can't buy.

I drop by on rare occasions to locate chunks of ancient wisdom, and sometimes do a bit of WikiGnome work while I'm about.

All the best, and thanks for visiting.

-- EarleMartin

Freelance PerlLanguage programmer based in LondonTown. I arrived here as one of the VisitorsInZeroZero. Mainly interested in SemanticWeb stuff.

Also on MeatBall: see SisterSite link below.

IdentifyingSignal: edits from me when I will have a UserName cookie set of EarleMartin.

I enjoy playing NomicGame and GameOfGo.

I am a VolunteerHousekeeper, and a WikiReductionist. However, rather than force outright deletion, I started TheAdjunct to take some of the pressure off. I'm fairly fond of WikiOnWiki, although I'm hoping not to be struck by the CurseOfMeta.

Some of my favorite pages here that I feel are key to the Wiki experience, arranged as a sort of rudimentary map:

WabiSabi, LessIsMore, DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork, SpikeSolutions
ReFactoring - closely linked to MentalStateCalledFlow, HackingAtNight
PerpetualNow/ThingsOnWikisMind, WikiWay/WhyWikiWorks (SoftSecurity)
WebsitePatterns, UserInterfacePatterns, PatternLanguages in general
QwanYin, ZenAndTheArtOfMotorcycleMaintenance, EasternThought
SystemsAsLivingThings, GardeningMetaphor

Various pages that I just like:

GalacticWiki, TestRunnerAsPrayerWheel, MetaSyntacticWossnames

Ideas from earlier iterations of WikiTime that I feel could do with some new attention:

ExampleStuffInMouth, YabbitsAndAntiYabbits

The most attractive page on WikiWikiWeb?: http:wikiSig?LongPages

Current gnoming tasks:

[Tools: http:shorts.cgi http:orphanWikiPages http:wantedWikiPages?n=6 http:longs.cgi]

Thoughts for this site:

On tech:

On programming:

I am a Perl "hacker", according to http://prometheus.frii.com/~gnat/yapc/2000-stages/slide36.html.

I have to admit to my bookshelves being littered with things I started but couldn't finish somehow, like SiCp. Quite a lot of the technical discussion here, I have to admit, evades me - I've only been programming for six years or so (in a language like Perl, I mean, come on, that's like cheating), so I guess it's a case of more time needing to pass. But I've definitely been getting the feel of pages here more in recent months.

Awhile back I was having quite a few MyBrainIsFull moments and not enough AhHa moments. Too much coffee, too much HackingAtNight. The solution was painfully simple: just take a break. Get some sunshine. Ride a bike! ProgrammersBurnout seems to very much be a CantSeeTheForestForTheTrees problem. I hope more people can realize this quicker than I did. It doesn't have to be HardWork.

Damning with faint praise...

It must be true, that you never sleep. -- GunnarZarncke

Hi, Earle. I've been learning PerlLanguage with BeginningPerl, 1st ed., and some other online materials. Head on over to BubbleSortChallenge. I've posted an amazing BubbleSort there. It uses RegularExpressions instead of arrays. Very Perlish, indeed. -- ElizabethWiethoff

Hi Liz - that is a curiosity indeed! I'll have a play with it tomorrow. Cheers -- Earle

I would rather have Earle as a steward than put up any more with the interminable prattle from others who think posturing about mythical rights and censorship should take precedence over making this a place where it is possible to have interesting discussions.

The whole point of having a steward is to allow them to prevent or otherwise deal with the stuff that caused a steward to be needed in the first place.

Earle may, from his writings here, seem to be fresh out of patience sometimes. Given what's happened and is happening, though, that seems not unreasonable.

Thanks -- Earle

Thank you for the recent entries on TheAdjunct. -- JohnFletcher

I would be happy to host and make accessible that which was TheAdjunct. -- DaveVoorhis

Ah, that's great, thank you. I'll ping you after the holiday - it's scarcely possible to have an easier setup. -- EarleMartin


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