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If you're looking for the code that runs this wiki (WikiWikiWeb, which is an add-on to the PortlandPatternRepository), you'll eventually find yourself at That page is a bit confusing (i.e. what's straight perl? what's hyper perl?). The hyper perl version ( is an annotated version of the code that is used to generate the straight perl, with your personal settings. Look here for explanations about the code (note that all the function names are hyperlinks!).

The straight perl will get you started quickly. It's available from [BrokenLink]. Fill in the blanks and you'll get something that you can work with.

Getting it to run was not too bad, although there were actually some syntax errors, so it's good to have some way of debugging (i.e. access to logs). You will soon find that not all the features in the original Wiki are supported with this script. For example, I had a problem submitting very large pages (see DbmProblems). You'll probably tweak the script yourself. Maybe you'll even go whole hog and make a wiki clone.

WikiWikiClone lists many many kinds of other wiki and wiki-like software.

The HyperPerl script seems to be missing. Any idea if and when can the source be downloaded again?

It doesn't seem like it'll be possible again.

A cautionary note about setting up WikiOnPersonalWebServer without first installing the available security patches.

Is there a limit to the size of a wiki wiki web page in the downloadable version above? I downloaded and installed it and it seems to mess up the database if I attempt to put a lot of text on a page.

Yes. You are limited to 1024 bytes by default on many systems. See DbmProblems for more information

I got my source off the link and it doesn't seem to do inlined images. I'm not super perl-savvy and this code is extremely compact. Can someone with a clue see why and correct it, or correct me? thankee-sai -- SteveSparks

What do you get with the WikiBase? Can I get the "VisualTour" feature, too?

What's the major difference between the and scripts?

On trying to save on wikibase, I got the messages

 The WikiWiki Server Can't Process Your Request

No such file or directory.

This information has been logged. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Any explanation? (It would seem not everyone gets such messages - very odd.)

I think this message appears if someone posts data before you have finished editing.

I don't think so -- I had this problem editing my home page on WikiBase. Repeatedly.

yup I am getting the same message while playing in the sand box of all places!!!

See also LostInWikiBase.

Will WikiBase ever be updated...?

The WikiCodeBase? does get updated. Often the updates are subtle. (and quick to anger?)

However, WikiBase pages haven't been changed for over five years.

"Why bother updating WikiBase?" In the words of the Ronseal ads here in the UK, "it does exactly what it says on the tin!" (The RonsealPattern.)

I like Ward's changes... I wish they were in WikiBase. IMO, this Wiki's featureset is much better than most WikiWikiClones (which suffer from FeatureCreep)

Not to be confused with FlikiBase.


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