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All hail my new notebook (Vaio FZ Centrino Duo with the Gutsy Gibbon version of UbuntuLinux)!

(And I have absolutely nothing to do with that ZeekLand nonsense...)

Major Opuses:

A professional Box-Thinker-Outer-Of.

PhlIp researches, architects & implements advanced OO programs in RubyLanguage, and all the other lesser languages. He has formidable MentalTelepathy abilities (which explain the constant irrelevant social trouble he gets in), hand-made DvorakKeyboards, a heterogenous home intranet populated by 5 different OS distributions, and a public HighSchool diploma.

What's the HighSchool diploma for?

"Memorize this don't you dare look at that" -- JelloBiafra

Pet Peeves

People who describe their workplace in terms resembling prancing thru fields of daisies in slow motion to the tune of "Ballet of chicks in their shells" from Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky...

PhlIp welcomes another refugee from UseNet with this blast from the past:

Oh dear. I had almost forgotten about him. -- not-kaz ;)

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In order:

Phlip, I fixed up a bunch of your cartoon pages on GreenCheese. Hope you don't mind. (Do you often channel GeorgeHerriman??) -- IanOsgood

I spotted this shop in London from a bus the other day. -- EarleMartin

When I use GoogleGroups to search for answers to my USENET questions, I often discover there's a Phlip in UK somewhere. His hobby is trainspotting. Not the Trainspotting the Movie hobbies. Spotting trains, just like the punch line to MontyPython's Camel Spotting sketch. Then he discusses their characteristics on USENET. >sigh<

Are you responsible for PhlipsCppHomeworkReply or CompLangCpp? They seem a bit too specific to me.

I am irresponsible for them!

Thanks for the reference to CloneAndModifyProgramming! I liked it so much I immortalized it on its own page.

I was surprised it wasn't already here... okay - I get credit.

And you are also a great cartoonist! I found this very funny piece (with this great French lady character!) here: (BrokenLink 2004-10-28)

That "French lady character" is Tuyen, a genetically enhanced lemur from the planet Attia, with her UniversalTranslator set to "Exotic".

Note to the DepartmentOfPeace? DramaticIdentity:

Yes, it's cute to set your name to the title of an off-topic page I started to suggest that I not delete your off-topic page. One writes off-topic pages here by...

Your points noted. The page of contention was restored by somebody else. The subject matter is treated seriously. And it is weakly linked to DatingPatterns which are linked to OnTopic pages. My griping is towards people who wants to delete, and yet use only IpUsername so it meant the doors of communication were not open.


I am wondering why you have not been using your DramaticIdentity for your posts in recent months. It is much easy to track your activities by your fanclub :) -- dl

Because many of the things I think to write are brief and channeled from this wiki, not necessarily me. Voices emerging from this wiki, channeled by me, get the VoiceOfWiki dramatic identity.

Also there's the matter of bragging about the one-lines I put at the top of pages like MicrosoftCorporation, PinkFloyd, SevenOfNine, StarBucks?, etc, with.

I've seen certain graphic art that leads me to ask: are you a fan of Dan O'Neil? (E.g. Odds Bodkins) -- DougMerritt

Regarding your ViEditor comments, and your moving them back to that page: really, you are being needlessly difficult about this. You put strong criticism at the top rather than the bottom of the page, like somehow your critical opinions are the most important thing to be said about vi, and shouldn't be relegated to the mere bottom of the page -- and you deleted my rebuttals.

It's nice you cleaned up your comments somewhat, on the other hand.

Still, this still is not working, so I'm moving it to new page ViSucks, since you didn't like the EmacsVsVi location, and will make my rebuttal below, rather than interstitially with, your comments.

-- DougMerritt

Doug, if a visually impaired person told you they disliked a certain Web browser because it refused to make its fonts bigger, would you say "duh, it's your fault you can't see the text. Read the users manual, turn up the lights, and get a bigger monitor!"

I am a very bad typist. Yet somehow vi is not to blame for it's the worst editor I have tried, and I am unable to go as fast as with other editors.

Please step back from what you are saying, and try to understand why you are saying it. Of course vi is the best editor - for some people.

I didn't say vi is best, and I haven't been doing a religious war about editors, YOU have! And still are..."it's the worst" is a subjective opinion, not a fact. I have objected to your putting your criticism at the *top* of a non-flame page, when you know well the normal place is bottom of page, and I have objected to you making *factual* errors, and I have objected to you phrasing your OPINIONS as fact, when they are not, and I have objected to you deleting my corrections of your factual errors, etc.

You are, in short, violating wiki norms, provoking edit wars, starting religious wars, making factually incorrect claims, being antisocial and rude, and you tell me to "try to understand"? Unbelievable. I have no reason to think that any of this is personal towards me, so you must be going through a bad point in your life that has resulted in a temporary bad attitude.

Incidentally, you saying you are a bad typist doubtless is precisely the issue about your feelings about editors. vi is, as I've said, designed for excellent typists, and the majority of people I've talked to who strongly dislike it have been bad typists.

Regardless, if you simply said you disliked it (at the bottom of page), without making factually incorrect claims, I wouldn't have replied at all. Everyone has a right to their own tastes -- and you should have noted that I added some humorous jibes at vi at top of ViSucks; I am not the poster boy for religious wars, and you're blind to miss that.

So far, I don't see evidence that you care that you are making factually incorrect claims (here I'm talking about the items which can be checked, and are not arguable -- some issues about CHI could be argued), though, which is not defensible. -- DougMerritt

Regarding your CUA question...CUA lives: -- DougMerritt

if that's a character-mode interface, it's not really what we mean by CommonUserAccess...

Perhaps you could explain why not. On CommonUserAccess, you say "...specification kit that declared what a keyboard looked like, what a window looked like, and what all the common keybindings were". The keyboard and keybindings part of that are character-mode, and as for windows, I was under the impression that CUA applied to both character UIs like DOS as well as GUIs, no?

Or in lieu of explanations, a URL to explain the same points would be welcome. -- DougMerritt

I really liked BogusRules?. Have you tried publishing any of your stories? -- IanOsgood

Yes. Sending out rejectable SASEs is a full-time job...

BTW the last episode of The ElaborateArtOfPlay? was 1.7M, now is 342K. I don't do the lossy JPG thing that some do.

Anyone who read my first cycle on GreenCheese, around 2001, should be shocked to understand HoneySatellite? was never just a one-shot. Why is Tuyen's hair all messed up? Why did she promote "Xraxis to captain"? etc!

PhlIp ...I hope you don't mind but I corrected a paragraph in CategoryOffTopic where Cut Point was not a page, however I believe your intention was to create a page for it, but was never created. I hope that I refactored correctly. --KathyBracy

CutPoint? should be a page, but I don't know how to write it. --PhlIp

An action hero addressing the root causes of terrorism, lobbyism, militarism, and wartime profiteering. A petty millionaire, small fry, teaming up with him to save a world being destroyed by billionaires. Luthor & Superman [change names and hairstyles to avoid trademark infringement] catching Osama bin Laden and overthrowing King GeorgeBush. [...] Ya know, I'd pay really good money to read a comic book about this! --Pete.

I was talking about what a real, serious Superman would do in our world. Like, not focus on the photogenic problems. Look at BillGates and Malaria, for example. All it takes is a few pennies worth of pesticides, in various stagnant pools.

If you mean a comic book parody of the King George II situation, I seem to recall I already drew one!!!



Hey PhlIp, I'm going to have to read all you wrote one day AndrewRicketts.


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