Framework For Integrated Test

At the agile testing workshop I described a style of automated acceptance testing that I've done repeatedly over the years. Each implementation has been identical in spirit but as unique in detail as the programs they test. I've captured these differences in a family of "fixtures" that interpret tabulated facts extracted from documents.


I've put together a beta distribution which I've licensed under gpl and distribute from a wiki.

I call it the Framework for Integrated Test. It supports integration at two levels: test development and test execution. Test development is integrated with specification (SpecificationByExample?, Martin called it.) Test execution is integrated in that test data flows through fixtures to the same interfaces developers use while programming.

I am eager to work with large projects that are willing to give such a framework a try and are willing to talk about their experience. -- WardCunningham

I may be stating the obvious, but this is awfully similar to DavidParnas' ProgramFunctionTables? which he proposes for specifying requirements. --SteveFreeman

Fascinating! I hadn't noticed that before. -- RobertMartin

It seems that FIT development is frozen since 22 Dec 2002. What's wrong? -- MaximRomashchenko

I spent January in Antarctica. -- WardCunningham

Oh, great. Now my "feel free to submit a patch" line really looks pathetic. --JimLittle

But... Antarctica is least frozen in January. ---MichaelBolton

The long awaited for book is due out June 17, 2005: "FitForDevelopingSoftware : Framework for Integrated Tests" (Robert C. Martin Series) (Paperback), by Rick Mugridge, Ward Cunningham

If you are interested, I wrote an Eclipse plug-in for FIT.
-- DrightHo

I'm proud to mention that there's also C++ port of Fit in case you have some agile C++ to do.
-- DavidWoldrich

Anyone here has integrated this with the SpringFramework?

See also: FitNesse


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