Green Cheese

Okay. Guys, it is 2011, and the Green Cheese Wiki is completely dead.

May I suggest, then, that this page is a DeletionCandidate? I know that PhlIp is a favorite contributor around here, but he's more interested in getting his (somewhat insane) comic strip updated here than cleaning up messes like this.

GreenCheese fans (fan?) if you're out there, we could use some assistance with hosting. Our present provider,, while wonderfully accommodating and many thanks to 'em for their support over the years, are about to cease business. Zope freehosting is scarce these days and yours truly is reluctant to host from home due to archaic bandwidth costs and scarcity of string and tin cans in the land down under.

So if you'd like to have a 124 meg bonsai wiki running on that box in the corner under the potplant, please do stick your hand up.

Ta. -- Pete, who has always relied upon the kindness of strangers.

DaveVoorhis raises its left pseudopod as indication that hosting can be provided. Email me if you're interested. -- DaveVoorhis

Greater glove hath no fan! Yer on Dave. Shall email you later today. -- Pete, who still wants to do the JournalOfCivilization too ... just got a StoneSociety to knit together first ...

Yes fans, GreenCheese is off the air temporarily while we renoberate the framinstanit and excoriate the corpocratia. Should be back up by ... oh, say next time I edit this page ...

wait a moment, what was that thing at the bottom of all these wiki pages? Is it an eye? Is it penny farthing? No, it was GreenCheese! : ArchiveDotOrg? link:

Yes, GreenCheese, strange SisterSite from outside the box. Most content by PeterMerel and PhlIp but anyone can play. Lots of whimsical stories and cartoons there, some of them allegedly true. After several long quiet evenings in, GreenCheese is back out on the town and looking for Fun -wink-.

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