Setting Upa Personal Wiki

What is the easiest way to set up a PersonalWiki? How can one set up a wiki on one's own PC, keeping compilation, coding and learning curve down to a minimum?

Many have done it. Here are their stories:

Local PersonalWiki for MicrosoftWindows:

Local PersonalWiki for Other OSes:

Caveats on setting up your own wiki

Mine is only accessible within my house, yet I got trolled after the second day of use. Now working on PGP signatures to provide AuthorAuthentication?. I use PhpWiki. -- AndrewMcMeikan

Are you pulling my leg? You're going to force each member of your own family to authenticate exactly which one she is before editing your wiki?

Of course I don't trust my family members. I know them all too well!!! ;->

PersonalWiki Security

I'm kind of torn on whether a PersonalWiki should be private and behind a firewall or not. I mean, when you get right down to it, what percentage of the things you add to your wiki really need to be private? And there's always the chance it'll be useful to someone else.

Are there any personal wikis out there that don't need to share a public TCP port? Perhaps a personal wiki with its own Web browser? -- BlakeMason

There are app-based wikis like VoodooPad (Mac) and TomBoy (Linux). PersonalWiki page has a list

My PersonalWiki stays on my hard disk. People can't edit it over the Net. I do publish everything, though. I just encrypt private stuff with my key, so not everyone can read it. =) -- SachaChua?

I am trying to get my current client to use some sort of Wiki for project documentation and support, but they are extremely paranoid about trade secrets. Therefore, any Wiki we would run needs to be inaccessible outside of the company intranet. -- HowardLeeHarkness

As a skunkworks project, I installed WxWikiServer and used it to do some project documentation at work. This program is a minimal web server attached to a minimal Wiki database, written in C++. It was written by Eddie Edwards, with various improvements by Ryan Norton. It is trivially easy to install, works quite well, and there are no known exploits. My installation is entirely behind a firewall. -- HowardLeeHarkness (25 April 2005)

Is most of the content of this page (or at least the top section) redundant to the PersonalWiki page? --RobertDaeley

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