Internet Information Server

MicroSoft's solution for HTTP/FTP/SMTP on WindowsNtServer?, Windows2k, and WindowsXp.

A limited version, known as PersonalWebServer, is available for use on WindowsNtWorkstation? and Windows9x.

The three protocols are managed by three independent services that are controlled by a fourth parent service. All run under the inetinfo.exe process. However, individual IsapiExtensions and AspApplications can be configured to run in their own processes for better FaultIsolation.

InternetInformationServer QuickQuestions

Q What is a good resource site for beginners, with useful help files and forums? -- dl


Q Anyone know of a way to get Scheme or Lisp hooked into IIS for those of us looking to escape ASP while remaining on the IIS platform. You know, leaving microsoft one step at a time. --


Wiki setups

PerlLanguage based wikis


For WindowsXp probably MicrosoftServicesForUnix should be sourced for Perl components

See also: WikiUnderTheMicrosoftWebServer,ArchitecturalModel


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