Andrew Mc Meikan

Andrew McMeikan is an Electronic and Communication Engineering Student. Email is still with a pgp key available on your nearest friendly KeyServer?.

Very interested in distributed event, delay tolerant networks.

As I have faded from net view lately some may think I am no longer active on the net, I am just with a slightly different strategy. After all, things are slightly different. If you have stumbled across this because you have seen me rant about something in the past and now wonder if I am still fighting for the cause, then by all means contact me, for now I am silent running (occasionally sticking my neck out still).

Andrew's (not often updated) Diary is at

Somehow spends too much time on FaceBook. (the danger of carrying around a NetBook/eeePC all the time)

Andrew is a ChristianGeek

Feel free to talk to me about HomeBrewHardware, FPGA's, assembly on Z80

I like ReelToReelTape drives and own three for data and two for audio.

Andrew feels very concerned about the InterNet and feels it won't last forever.

Also deeply interested in FinancialCryptography and ThresholdCryptography.

In order trim my WikiSquatting ;) I have done some trimming of fluff from this page, feel free to update, e-mail the cuts if they are large or significant. -- AndrewMcMeikan

Places of interest

so many, many other sites...

Comments area:

(I assume "Comments area" here means "Comments from other people". If not, delete this paragraph.) WikiMail: I edited your signed contribution near the bottom of GoldBackedElectronicMoney to fix some spelling and grammar. I hope I didn't accidentally change any of your meaning. Suggest that you review it and then perform FooDash transitioning appropriately. -- DrakeWilson?

I was locked out of any editing by the anti-spam feature (and my time-zone and laziness ;) will hopefully try and re-enter wiki land, although over the last year I have almost dropped off the internet. I always welcome fixing of my speeling! -- AndrewMcMeikan


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