Go Players On Wiki

Some folks here on WardsWiki who play the GameOfGo, in alphabetical order:

See also: GoResourcesOnTheWeb, GoPattern, GoPatternLanguage, EzGo, BruceWilcox.

There's quite a bit of interest in Go amongst the folk who attend the ExtremeTuesdayClub

Maybe we need to start a ladder?

There's quite a lot of Go-playing software about, we'd probably need someone to host a server...

Go Playing Software:

StoneyBallard?, a former co-worker of mine, wrote a Go-Manager in Lisp (it didn't attempt to play, it painted a board, knew the rules, and kept score while two humans played) back in 1980 or so. He and I used to play daily during the early eighties. -- TomStambaugh

I hope you guys are all using SenseisLibrary (a Wiki Go site) at http://senseis.xmp.net/. -- JulianDavies

Seconded as an excellent resource. -- AndyPierce

Important notice for GoPlayersOnWiki in the Australia/NZ region

There will be an Oceania qualifying rounds for the Toyota Denso Cup held in Brisbane during the 2006 Australia day long weekend. And like the previous event held two years ago, professional players will be around for a bit of free tutoring as well. You can have some fun, free quality tee-shirt and more (last time there was a very good dinner at river front venue). Follow the link at http://senseis.xmp.net/?ToyotaDensoCup if you think you deserve a free expense paid trip to Japan as a champion of that hobbyist competition.

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