Andy Pierce

Molecular biologist currently researching DNA double-strand break repair at the UniversityOfKentucky?.


Current non-work-related interests:

 External personal homepage:
 External professional homepage:
I wrote a WikiEngine in python ( and use it for molecular biology related things like laboratory protocols (eg: etc. It uses slightly different TextFormattingRules ( with primary differences being not using tabs as control characters and support for some scientifically useful extensions like super- and subscripts, and unicode scientific symbols. It has a system of "write controls" ( that allow more protected material (refactored?) to migrate to the top of each page.

Tentatively calling it "MobiWiki". Released under GNU GPL.

Due to LinkSpam, I have disabled any changes to any pages if external hyperlinks are added unless the user has logged in. Regrettable, but the value of disabling the spam exceeds the value of allowing unsolicited hyperlinks, at least for now.

Comments welcome below:

BTW I support the venerable tradition of anonymous comments on wiki during calm, on-topic technical discussions. Alas, it is not working these days in the midst of the long battles with "Anon" regarding meta- and political issues, so I appreciate that you did sign your name in your recent political comment. It also makes a certain amount of sense, in general, that an opinion without a signature is practically a self-contradiction. How can something subjective exist without the individual to whom it is subjective? :-) -- DougMerritt

I tried deleting this section, since it's no longer relevant, and shark keeps on undeleting it. -- AndyPierce

My apologies! The heuristics are still being tuned, and it confused you with Anon. It's fixed now. -- DaveVoorhis

Left this wiki Jan 2007.


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