Scott Dossey

Among other virtues, Scott is too lazy to make his own web page or say much of anything here. This entry may or may not be updated by him in the future.

email: sdossey @

Is he as big a GameOfGo freakazoid as PeterMerel or BenKovitz?

Bigger. That's why he hasn't been on the Wiki. :)

Scott takes particular delight in goading me into playing Go with him, saying he'll be all easy on me. All throughout the game, he'll offer helpful hints and things that he'd do if he were in my situation. But, it's never of any use -- as soon as he thinks you're threatening his go board hegemony, he will go all shodan on you, and happily lay the smackdown at the last moment. It's like someone off the street trying to learn martial arts by sparring with a judan shihan. And just about as humiliating, too. :-) It's all good fun though. --SamuelFalvo?

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