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I just harvested some boilerplate to past into ... which I think is really fine. Nae, more: I find this very rewarding ... re-assuring, evuhn. (Regret never having crossed paths with you Ward ... life's like that sometimes. I've /per force/ tried to life off prairie energy but ah-lha-lha-lha, those Pacific breezes!) --~~~~

Wow ... a year and a half since I've touched this page but I'm still referencing the site routinely! I just linked to SixThinkingHats from my new blog in "The Working Group". (gave me an excuse to start a Ning account, that did.) -> (18DEC07)

PeopleAggregator? is on the roll: or, more decently:

Previous fave: GodwinsLaw

Bed-side table: {WikiEditingCustoms|WikiSocialNorms|GoodStyleSuggestions|GoodStyle|SuggestedNorm?}

25DEC02 - To respond to my trolling directly: ab006 AT

Very kind unprompted solicitation on my behalf appreciate and deleted - bdt

In the early 70s, doing "communications research" in the forces *nudge-nudge wink-wink*, we were using computerized systems ... toggling bits in with switches, and toggling bytes in with bigger switches. Have things have changed, or what?!

A long time ago I did tech_docs (and quit in disgust when smoke&mirrors seemed to have become central to every business plan I came across). My big project was 2.5 years in avionics R&D. (I can't believe how hard FMECA was, or how I got WP5.1 to do those amazing things on a 12MHz 286!)

Recently, I've been coming to miss those days (reading jwz's diary of Netscape's startup got me all teary eyed!) Even more recently, I've started reading more and more, rather than just keeping in touch, with something like a concept in mind. (Gawd, all the blue-sky thinking I did in the 80s about process integration is actually possible now! BPM, SOAP ... even taxonomy and ontologies ... wow!)

So this afternoon, when I saw this site referenced in a long thread on comments, I dropped by and threw this page.

Over the next few months, I hope to be up to speed on XUL and JScript, with a renewed mediocre understanding of C.

Welcome to Wiki.

Thanks, I appreciate the culture here. And hanging with SMEs is my idea of a 7th inning stretch. *grin*

ValuablePage stirred things up on ReallyValuablePages! viz.: DiscussionOnReallyValuablePages

Scraped this from twiki history (and made some changes):

Dev Flow - typical development flow:

AnswerMe this: how to make a nice neat external link? The "Did I do this?" link above really doesn't need the URL visible (although *thanks, TimBL* it is nice that it's human readable).

A: You can't. On this wiki, the link text is always the URL; there's no way to make FreeLinks. There was once a feature that allowed the creation of numbered links, but it was disabled (see EditLinks and FixingLinks).

Thanks for the reply ... and for the pretext for checking to see if my Set UserName BookMarklet is working! And yes, it is.

http:RecentChanges http:quickChanges?days=1 ... a test. A /successful/ test!


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