Erik Meade

I'm an employee of Wells Fargo, who attended XpImmersionTwo, interviewed at XpImmersionThree, coached at XpImmersionFour, and hung out on the evenings of XpImmersionFive. I finally got KentBeck to see the OfficeSpaceMovie at XpImmersionSix (after listening to him recite ThePrincessBride). I am the editor of and evangelist of JavaUnit, JakartaAnt, CruiseControl, HttpUnit, ApacheTomcat, and OpenSource in general.

The great Way is quite level, but the people are much enamored with mountain trails. -- TaoTeChing

Foreknowledge is but the blossomy ornament of the Way, and the source of ignorance. -- TaoTeChing

Those NewToWiki DoNt KnowYourAudience like OldTimers. Since WikiSuccessCanInhibitNewWriters, maybe we could AssumeStupidityNotMalice, yet remember DontAssumeStupidity? Would it help if we tried to UseYourCommonSense, but when ItDoesntWork DontUseYourCommonSense ( DontDoThat )? A WikiMaster can ReFactor a PissTake into an EmotionalBurp without a SignificantEmotionalEvent.

Some GoodWikiCitizen once said on: FixYourWiki

If you don't FixYourWiki, you really have no right to piss and moan about WhyWikiWorksNot. If we all do our bit then the messes will be cleaned.




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