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resume: DeadLink

There are many people named "Eric Herman" in the world, but on the net, I'm the one that programs, not the one that writes music ... at least not nearly well enough that I'd have a web page about it!

Please feel free to leave me a message here:

OpenSource Projects:


I currently work at

From 2004-2010 I was employed as a developer for MySQL.

From 2000-2004 I was employed by ProductSight doing ExtremeProgramming.

When I lived in Seattle, I usually, but not always, attend the weekly Seattle Pair-Programming group <brag>(which I started)</brag> and the the XpSeattle meetings.

Being the testing nut that I am, I've been addicted to JUnit for a while. However, AcceptanceTesting has always been a struggle with my organizations. HttpUnit has helped, and I've also looked at FIT and FitNesse .... Most recently, I've worked with Selenium.

When I find myself with little to offer to the content of these pages (as I often do), I try to spend some time as a VolunteerHousekeeper. It feels great to be able to make useful (even if very small) contributions to this amazing community. I try to avoid odd WikiGrammar, but sometimes it can't be helped, so just the best we can do is smile. I especially enjoy words like "UserStorys"

AmateurRadio? (HamRadio?) Call: KC0GKK

some Wiki tricks I swiped from PhilGoodwin:

some pages I've added to:







and check out:

BlocksInJava ... it's worth the (long) read.

15 minutes of fame:

Books I'm Reading:

Books I pester other people to read: (They may not be what you think) oh and you should read ReflectionsOnTrustingTrust

I'm working on a LinuxFromScratch project for my laptop. I'm starting with a blank hard drive and booting with a KnoppixLinux disk. (I was using GnoppixLinux, but the compiler was too old.)

This means, with each boot, I need to re-do some stuff, but it has the feel of a BareMetalInstall?.



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