Daniel Knapp

 (let ((PartNumber 5554)
(resume (BrokenLink "http://brain.mics.net/~dankna/resume.txt")))
(mapc #'I-am '(RecentChangesJunkie LeftHanded
(mapc #'I-am-not '(JustaProgrammer))
(mapc #'I-do '(WikiNomic))
(mapc #'I-enjoy '(VideoAddiction JapaneseAnimation))
(mapc #'I-do-not-enjoy '(GaveUpOnTelevision))))

Is this a semantic-web markup?

It's CommonLisp. I used to have this information here in English, but decided that I cared more about silliness than comprehensibility, at least in this small way.

However, in a sense (neglecting that the term SemanticWeb has a specific meaning) it is a semantic-web markup; the CycMergedOntology uses CommonLisp syntax. I didnt use the constants it defines here, however.

LeftHanded DvorakKeyboardUser? since 1992 --ShaeErisson

Thanks to the person who reminded me of the name of my own user page. I am highly amused.


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