June Kim

JuneKim lives in Seoul, Korea.


He majored in ComputerScience. He is the representative of the Agile Consulting and an occasional journalist. He started XperDotOrg and NoSmoke.

Studied EasternMedicine? (AcuPuncture?), EasternPhilosophy, and have a black belt in TaeKwonDo? and some other Korean traditional MartialArt?s. He speaks Korean, English, Chinese (read & write only), and programmatically C, C++, Java, Python, IoLanguage and etc.

Interested in linguistics, linguistic philosophy, and mostly in AlfredNorthWhitehead's ProcessPhilosophy?. Most of all, he has been interested in ExtremeProgramming since Y2K.

He was an XP coach in a bioinformatics research software development project, which was his first real XP project experience. His team made the first release quite successfully. He did a lot of seminars and lectures on XP and its practices, in public or for companies. He wrote the first XP article in Korean IT magazines. And has since been writing a good many articles on XP. He translated TestDrivenDevelopmentByExample and ThePragmaticProgrammer, and is currently translating the FIT book.

Nowadays, his usual clients are web service companies and embedded software companies.

He would like to thank all the people he met on the road of the internet who taught him, without direct intention though, especially WardCunningham, KentBeck, and RonJeffries among many others. They all are his teachers.

In which case, June, we'd love to have you take a look at WhyClublet, without wishing to poach you from Wiki. See the end of FreeThinker? and OpennessOfGod here to see the two mentions of Whitehead and process thinking that I know of on Wiki (cos I wrote them). Slightly related also is the stuff on RogerPenrose and his collaborator StuartHameroff, both of whom look to Whitehead to some degree, especially the latter. -- RichardDrake

Thank you for your directions. I'm on them. It seems to me that [those] places are rather religious (or unreligious in a religious way) than philosophical, and I'm not really knowledgeable of the heavenly side - I'm too down-to-earth to be religious, but just enough to remain philosophical. As far as the Whitehead is concerned, I'm more interested in the cosmology, wherein God is just a part of it. My favourites of Whitehead are Process and Reality, The Adventure of Ideas, and The Function of Reason, though I couldn't understand them fully.

He wrote an article about WikiWiki in Micro-Software Magazine, one of the bestselling computer magazines in Korea. The article introduces Wiki concept and its implication in the internet age. It goes further toward its usage as a knowledge management tool and is compared with Nonaka Ikujiro's organizational knowledge evolution model.

June, I am very much interested to read your article. Do you have an English translation available? -- HelmutLeitner

I am very interested too! WikiConcept will have great effects on the InternetSpirit?. OpenKnowledgeManagement? for everyone. Yup! :) -- FlorianKonnertz, 0929

I'll try to write a whole new article in English ASAP, Konnertz. -- JuneKim

I'm with a school group at the University of Michigan's School of Information that has taken "Wikis" as our topic for a project in Computer Supported Cooperative Work. I'd very much like to read your article - or, hear other pointers you might have from the experience of writing it. Thanks - TomAllison

I got your email Tom. Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I'm leaving home tomorrow morning for Japan to attend Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing. When I come back on Feb 2, I'll drop you a line. -- JuneKim


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